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Caste problem and the communist approach

Question: What can we do to end the caste discrimination

My Reply:
Caste problem is gets greater attention than it actually does. The reslut is continous reminder of the lower castes that they have been supressed, for hundreds of years by the upper castes. The result again is the lower castes want their revenge; then again the upper castes will. We will be where we started with only the roles changing from time to time.

1. Dont be reactionary. The reactionary type of methods have always done more bad than good. If you can construct, do so, or else stand aside and watch, but do not destroy.

All types of rallies, dharnas etc are made against Brahmins. There is no place where they are not critised, abused, so much so that they in turn have become the victims sometimes of the caste. This only generates hatred, and moves them farther.

2. The effort should be made to mix the hearts of the ppl.

Take two cases for example: Kerala and Bihar. Hundred years back, there was strong caste problem in both places. But both reacted differently to this problem.

In Kerala, with the influence of Narayana guru, the caste problem was addressed with love and spirituality as the basis, and the discrimination there is not there now, as it used to be.

But in Bihar. There it was a fight & hatred, not of love and consideration, and what do we have now- only oncreased problem.

3. Teach everyman his and others divinity. When he understands that it is the same Atman which is the real nature of every being, no higher or lower ideas remain.

4. Let economics take lead over such considerations. Such economic interdependence forces interaction and mutual help.

5. Dont bringdown the ideal of a religious person. We see that many ppl opposed to caste, start doing things like abusing the rituals, Vedas etc. They try to bring down the ideal of Vedika, and create equality- by making everyone a brute.

But this is not the way. Vedic knowledge is the ideal of humanity in India.Brahimin exclusiveness is bad, not brahiminhood.

If the knowledge of Vedas is what makes a Brahimin great, then teach them to everyone. Teach the knowledge of Upanishads to everyone. But do not stop one from learing Vedas.


The following is a post I wrote as a reply to a quetion about caste problem and the discussion included many the communist approach to this problem. The original question got deleted, so I cannot put that. Anyhow, the reply is complete in itself... hope the reader will not be having any problem following.

Dude, did oppression in the name of caste happen in the past? Yes. But why are we still bothered about it. Most ppl are educated Hindus, and nobody cares jack about one being superior/inferior based in birth. Yes, suppression does still happen in some parts of India. I don’t deny that. But what the point in blaming all the Hindus for that. Most urban Hindus, who form most part of even web forums, do not care about any supremacy theories and are doing their best to eradicate the evils of caste system.

But the problem is ppl like you, who do not either have patience, but think the only aim of life can be to keep complaining. What is the need to blame all Brahmins here for being casteist etc, just coz you don’t like them. I have not seen any post by a person in this forum who supports suppression of ppl in the name of caste.

The world is not black OR white. If some Muslims tells you that the true meaning of Jihad in Islam is twisted, some hypocrites are very ready to accept. Even if they have not read any thing, they will tell, “I don’t know, but I am sure they don’t mean it”. But the same guys accuses Ramayana of being a book which advocates caste suppression. If you tell that caste in this regard is not meant as a higher/lower but, just a symbol of the ones’ qualities, you will be named a fundamentalist.

I am not interested into going whether the above cases are true or false. I just wanted to illustrate the hypocrisy of the ppl, yes commies. Why is one who says ‘Jihad does not mean anything bad, but it used in a bad way some ppl’, clarifying about Islam, and why does a person who says Ramayana does not mean to tell kill Shudras, becomes a fundamentalist Brahmin Bastard. If this is not hypocrisy, what is it then?

<<The problem with Brambhins is that, they never tried to feel the feelings of other caste. The Hinduism you people talk about, always will create a hierarchy, where Brambhins will always be in top, by default.>>

Tell me seriously how many ppl have you seen on orkut, who want to maintain their ‘hierarchy’. Seriously man, I am very interested in knowing how you form this opinion. If you can plz post the links of the threads, where ppl said a Shudra is a low-being.

If not, then plz refrain your potings. And looks at the words you have written- Brahmins. Are you not also guilty of generalization? It is ppl like you who make sweeping generalizations and spread hatred. Can you deny that in the whole post you are guilty of generalizations, and accusing all of Brahmins?

<<We, have denied them from education from generation to generation. Our, Hindu religion have thrown them out from the society, before British came…… I really don’t think, u people want to bother about this things >>

come out of the past. It is true that dalits had very bad conditions in the past. But why still bother about. More importantly, when the ppl are trying to end all this suppressions, and evolve collectively as a developed country. They are making efforts, they are trying to change the situation. And if you look at the past and the present, a LOT of change has taken place. It will take time for the whole of society to change, and we need patience, and continue the work calmly. There is no point in keeping on complaining, when ppl themselves are working to change the situation. You may think it is some great think to do. you are free to think as you like, but just coz ppl don’t share your conspiracy theories you cannot name them fundamentalists.

There are two kinds of criticism. One in which the person who criticizes feels sad that he has to criticize, but still does so to point out the mistake for the collective improvement. This type of criticism is positive and helpful for the society. But the other kind of criticism is there where ppl criticize just for the sake of criticism. They have no interest in the matter; they just derive joy in doing so and in calling names. The Muslims trolls and ppl like crabby may be put into this section. This comes of the superiority complex, that islam IS great, that what my commie book says IS correct, and that I alone am a intelligent being here, all others being fools. This type of criticism is just a mental exercise on the part of that person just to show his (or his ideology’s) superiority, and has no positive contributions to the society.

Yes, my identity is fake. Because I feel unsafe, talking anything against Hinduism. I felt something is wrong here>>

Internet hatemongering is no new phenomenon. There are Muslim trolls, Hindu trolls. We have to live with that. Why do you think we have the thinking faculties- to decide for ourselves what is true and what is false.

How to get rid of the curses we already have in Hindu-religion. How to define God. We are really confused about that. You people never cared>>

Lack of definition of God a curse? We not just don’t, but cannot define god, coz a God defined by something is to make him limited- to put limits on him. If you want you may start a different thread about it, or you may see this old thread.

As per any other curse, two things are very important in my view: Enthusiasm and patience. Its not enough if you have enthusiasm. You will try a day or two, and soon that dies down. You must have patience too to work things out. This patience is very essential to keep the enthusiasm alive. Without patience, enthusiasm will not sustain itself. If you think that changes can be made to the world in one day, then you are surely mistaken.

Every fool can show the defects in the society, but he is a friend of humanity who show the way out. If you can, we will be happy to learn. But don’t blame others that they have not been able to find a complete solution. That is a blame which you too have a share. and ppl should get out the syndrome of perfect solution or no solution. The world is not like you will get 100 or 0. Even if not fully viable, its enough if it helps in a small manner. And stop brooding over weakness. "The remedy for weakness is not brooding over weakness, but thinking of strength".


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