Friday, August 19, 2005

Index of all my blogs

1. "I want Peace"

2. Origin and Necessity of Religion

3. Good one liners

4. Science and Vedanta

5. Fundamental Difference between Hinduism and Semantic religions

6. Basis of Hindu Universalism

7. Freewill vs Destiny

8. Conversion for Money --- Is it ok ???

9. Our Scriptures

10. What does Hinduism tell its followers

11. Why conversions are Dangerous

12. What do Hindus Lack

13. Should we afaid of losing our Culture?

14. Hinduism and Hindutva

15. Is Re-incarnation a reality?

16. Why did God create the Cosmos

17. Dharma

18. Implications of Law of Karma

19. Difference between Karma and Dharma

20. Intelligent Design

21. Hinduism's Contributions to the world

22. Is Hinduism Monotheistic or Polythiestic

23. Indian Culture

24. Are we more Tolerant ??

25. Essence of Hindu Spirituality

26. Index of all my blogs entries

27. Buddhism vis-a-vis Hinduism

28. Understanding how Science works

29. If everything is God, should we then worship a thief too

30. Vivekananda was an escapist ???!!!!

31. Desert people vs Forest people

32. Hinduism and Linux

33. Is all this Spirituality Practical and does it have any Utility

34. Advaita, Visishtadvaita, Dvaita

35. Hinduism outside India

36. Religion & Society in Indian and Western context

37. Maya - the most misunderstood word in Vedanta

38. Beware of the Hindu

39. 1962 War with China

40. Why Salvation

41. Communism

42. My Indian origins: Y-chromosome typing (on AIT)

43. Hindutva - its basic ideology

44. "End of Times" in Hinduism

45. Kanchi case -Supreme court says it too

46. Concept of Incarnation

47. Christian terrorism in India

48. Buddha - a Vishnu's incarnation??

49. Spiritual Renewal the Hindu Way

50. Left Wing Extremism

51. Knowing 'that' by knowing which everything is known

52. "Mera Bharat Mahan" will simply saying so do

53. Tantra vis-a-vis Vedanta

54. Can one convert to Hinduism

55. AIDS-Morals-Conversions

56. Some thoughts on Hindu Renaissance

57. The Future of Hinduism

58. Non-Vegetarian food

59. Celibacy and Brahmacharya

60. Caste problem and the communist approach

61. Questioning the myth of Missionary charity

62. The Four Ashramas in life according to Hinduism

63. India's lost girls

64. Lets define Hinduism

65. Status of chamatkaari babaas

66. Hinduism for an Indologist

67. Does God exist

68. Pakistan heading for breakup?

69. Vedantic Tales

70. Reformation - the Hindu way

71. Suicides kill more people

72. Who is the 9th Avatara- Buddha or Balarama

73. The Saga of Hindus in Bangladesh

74. A friendly counsel to Hindutva-vaadis

75. Ahimsa - Boon or Bane of Hinduism?

76. A friendly critique of “ancient Hindu science”

77. Belief is a *belief* dear - and hence only personal

78. Aurundhati Roy – the godess of small lies

79. A puzzle on Emancipation

80. Symbolism of Goddess Kali

81. Hypnotised Realization!!!!!

82. Hinduism vs Humanism !!

83. Our unbiased media!!!

84. Worship of the living God

85. Women in Hinduism – Refutation of the Islamic propaganda

86. Hinduism - Philosphy or Religion?

87. Religion doesnt really matter?

88. Should India become a Hindu rastra?

89. Time Periods of Yugas

90. Rama & agnipareeksha of Sita

91. Should we Evangelise?

92. Why Bharat is a Nation

93. My Favourite Books

94. All paths are true VS (re)conversion to Hinduism

95. Sanyasa- escapism?

96. Neo-Buddhism

97. Understanding how Mind works

98. Answers to some questions of a Christian

99. Social Responsibilities and Govt.

100. Rebirth and the Population growth puzzle

101. Suggestions for Hindu Renaissance

102. Dharma- Individual Collectivism

103. Prophet Mohammed in Hindu Scriptures??????!!!!!

104. Rise and Fall of Civilizations

105. Omnipotent God- A logical contradiction?

106. Left-wing extremism: The "root causes" trap

107. Smasana Vairagya case of Independence Day

108. Sanskrit in the Mottos of some popular organizations

109. Re-examination of fundamentalism of BJP and Modi

110. Sanyasa vs Grihastha

111. Are Yoga and Meditation interrelated?

112. Horoscope – believe or not to believe

113. Veg vs Non-Veg: Killing of plants justified??

114. How come different Saints have different realizations?

115. Religion and Humanity

116. Economics101 - Demystifying Economics

117. In Search of Some Balance…

118. Hail the new Nuclear Realities

119. The fascination for Hi-Fi

120. Missionary agenda of YSR: From the horse's mouth

121. Elections-09: Introspections of a Hindu-Nationalist


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