Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A friendly counsel to Hindutva-vaadis

The post title may be little inappropriate, as I am myself a Hindutva supporter and believe that good of Hindus is good of Indians and good of Indian is good of Hindus.

This post is mainly aimed at people who claim to be Hindutva supporters and flood various communities sloganeering various pet subjects and more interested in name-calling and labeling “others” as “psedo-seculars”, but present a horrible reasons for thieir stance on various subjects.

Where I differ with many people who usually argue in favour of Hindutva is in the way of working.

That’s why I created this thread to express my view point and why I am against certain things.

As you all know my love for stories and analogies, let me start with another one. In the wake of 9/11 attacks, there were many conspiracy theories which were floated saying that a Boeing could not have hit pentagon, and that the evidence which is being suppressed by FBI suggests so. Some allege the FBI itself made very funny and ridiculing videos against the US administration about the same conspiracy theories ie., FBI knows some person has a substantial argument against them, so they instead create another fake guy and present the argument against FBI in a very silly manner.

The FBI was not foolish in doing this; their aim was to create a bias in the peoples mind. To put in more simple terms X has a opinion which has a strong basis. Y does not like people to listen and accept what X says. So Y himself starts shouting about what X has been saying. But says so in a more loud manner and in a ridiculous manner.

Often people form opinions not the basis of what is the argument, but on the basis of who presents it and how it is presented. So FBI chooses some stupid person to present that argument in a really silly manner. This thus creates an opinion in the minds of the ppl that the argument too is silly and stupid. So even when some other person presents the same argument against US administration tomorrow, ppl just laugh at his theories.

I don’t know whether such incidents really occurred or not. But there is a great psychological lesson for us to learn there… people more often than not form opinions not on the basis of what is the strength of the original argument, but on the basis of how and who it is presented. Even our media too uses the same funda… there are many good persons who can with proper reasons and logic explain and defend Hindutva. But the media never call them; instead it chooses some real jokers and portray what they say as the arguments of Hindutva.

Please understand what is happening… not just the person, but even what he is advocating is being portrayed as silly. Why… because of the simple reason that we are not clear in what we are saying and because all we do are emotional outbursts.

We don’t need not even try to persuade everyone. Just place the facts, minus that rhetoric and any clear thinking individual will come to the same conclusion. But the unnecessary and avoidable emotional rhetoric makes others close their minds to what you are going to say.

What are we going to get by sobbing all the time “hindus are under threat Hindus are under threat”. Nobody is going to bother about all that baby crying.

We want people who can focus on “what needs to be done”, instead. To know the problem is but only first step. The problem is not going to solve itself if we sit and cry about the problem.

We shout “protect Hinduism, protect Hinduism”, but have we made sure that people are convinced that Hinduism is worth protecting.

Live the Hindu ideals, learn more about various aspects of Hinduism and also make others aware of it. Once it is done and when once we people are convinced that Hinduism is worth protecting, and then you and I do not even need to anything. They themselves will ask how to spread these Hindu ideals.

We cannot become protectors of a treasure, the value of which we ourselves do not know.

Being emotionally attached to the Hindu cause is not enough. It must be accompanied with a calm and clear thinking mind of how to archive it. We want infinite enthusiasm for Hindu renaissance. But we want infinitely more patience to see that this enthusiasm endures itself and does not die out.

And lets not think too much of ourselves. If Rama wanted, he could have killed all the Ravana’s army. It is the good fortune of vanaras that they got a chance to contribute. If Krishna wanted, he could have single-handedly killed all the Kaurava army. It was the good fortune of Arjuna and others that they got a chance to contribute.

In the same manner, either with us or inspite of us, this Sanatana Dharma of ours is always going to live. It’s the grace of god if we get a chance to contribute. Ours is only to work, the results are to the lord.

Why am I telling this… this attitude of karma-yoga removes all the frustration, dogmatism, hatred in us give us a calm mind… and a calm mind, patient mind always produced better results that an agitated and restless mind. An agitated mind filled with frustration only worsens things.

Most of the reactions of Hindus reflect a weak individual not sure what is going to happen to his religion. Instead we want people who are confident of the strength of Hinduism and are willing to take the battle into the enemies own frontiers. Not whiners, but karma-yogis!


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