Friday, August 19, 2005

Difference between Karma and Dharma

Dharma is the Cosmic rythm, and Karma can be called one subset of it.

Karma is just a law, whether you like it not, it simply is there, but where as Dharma includes the application part also with respect to individual.

Wherther you know your Karma or not, it simply works. But Dharms is abt making our life knowingly or unknowingly tuned to it.

Suppose we are boat in ocean. The wind simply blows. It is its principle, and also the way our boat moves to that air is dependent on the factor of how fact keep your sail. If you oppse wind it is slow, and align it is fast. It is a law, and simply follows. Karma is also similar. It simply follows.

But Dharma is also about understanding this phenomenon and its implications and thus aligning our boat to the direction of the wind so that we move faster in tune with the cosmic principle.


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