Friday, August 19, 2005

What do Hindus Lack

After reading the thread by Rishi on "Should we be afraid of losing our culture" I started thinking what are Hindus really lacking at present.

If you look at the state of Bharat, you feel it is indeed striving to be reborn, striving with agony and tears. But something ails her, something vital is missing, or else her condition would not have been so.

Not that She lacks the potential within her. We are the only civilization who continue to exist for atleast more than 5000 years. We have seen many challenges before, and survived them all.

Is it Knowledge that is missing? Do we lack in the intellect and reasoning? We Hindus are are born and bred in the country where Jnana has been stored and accumulated since the race began, and inherited through thousands of years.

But then we are weighted down of the same Knowledge. Perhaps we have too much of knowledge, that we continue thinking alone and never satisfied with anything. We just keep thinking for the perfect at one go ("soch te hi rah jate hai" type).

The mighty force of knowledge is a weapon for the hands of a gaint; it is a mace of a Bheemsen; what can a weakling do with it but to crush himself in the attempt to weild it.

Is it love, enthusiasm, Bhakti which is missing? These are ingrained in the Hindu nature. But we are not able to direct it, preseve it, concetrate it. Once in a while it just leaps like a flame of fire and dies down.

There is no lack of people who want to do something for this country. So we do not lack in enthusiasm either. But due to lack of strength and conviction, this enthusiasm is short lived. It is like what can be called "Independence day nationalism". When we see some patriotic movie of a republic day or something, we are filled with the feeling of patriotism. But the next day, the life is as usual.

As you can see, we do have the enthusiasm; we do have the wish to be great. But what stops this from being converted into any tangible work? It is our lack of strength. This enthusiasm is like a leaping flame of fire. But if we do not have the strength to sustain that fire, it simply dies down.

The deeper we look, the more we shall be convinced that the one thing wanting, which we must strive to acquire before all others, is strength—strength physical, strength mental, strength moral, strength spiritual.

It is with this strength, that we can weild the mighty mace of Knowledge; it is this strength which acts as the fuel and keeps the leaping fire of enthusism alive.

We do not have strength enough to stand for what we believe in. We do not have strength to shake off superstitions from the religion. We do not have strength enough to take the responsibility of our own renissance. Worst we do have strength enough to even call ourselves Hindus...

The human mind is also very intelligent. It always tries to find ways to somehow justify all its defects.

We do not have the boldness to stand for the Satvic; but we are even timid to accept that. We try to justify it in various manners, and confuse Satva with tamas.

If one is a timid, and has no strength & boldness of any endeavor in life, he finding it hard to accept will tell you great lessons of renunciation. He may even quote Gita to explain that one the results are only in the hands of Lord, and he just a player.

But isn’t it just hypocrisy that is going in this form? Does not Krishna say, "do the work and leave the results to me" or did he say, 'don’t do anything, I will take care of results'. Renunciation is a great ideal. But it is not for a timid, it is for winners. A unresolved person talking of renunciation is like a unemployed person applying for leave.

The symptom of this weakness is what we see in the form of cynicism… endless cynicism. I really hate this. Every time a positive effort is made, there come someone else to tell us that is bound to fail, and go on and on discussing. This actually makes me feel that most ppl do not actually want to do anything. What they search is not points for improvement, but reasons to avoid.

Even take this orkut itself. How long will it take for a thread to go into caste or fundamentalism? Endless negativity. Criticism not for the sake of improvement, but for its own sake. Every body can show what the evil is, but who is ready to show the way out. As SV once said “The remedy for weakness is not brooding over weakness, but thinking of strength”


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